Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby...

Iced/Snowed in today (and possibly tomorrow)? No excuse to not train. Be creative! Mix in some calisthenics, yoga, and core work. Have stairs? Create a circuit and run stairs between rounds! Finish up with some mobility work.

Here is what Jody and I (and Christian) just did -
5 Rounds of:
  • Hindu Squats X 20
  • Hindu Push Ups X 10
  • Sit Up with Russian Twist X 20
  • Stairs X 3 trips - Christian won each race! If you don't have stairs you could use a jump rope X 50 jumps or do a "Milli Vanilli" and just pretend you are jumping rope.
Cool down with mobility/yoga.

Yes, I was feeling very "ethnic" today. What can I say?

Go slow with all movements, make it challenging and work range of motion/mobility. This isn't a lung searing, puke producing workout, it's meant to be a good full body strength session where your heart rate is elevated and you finish feeling tired, but energized.

Now we are ready to settle in for a night of listening to the ice fall and praying for the electricity to hold up : )

Here is "The Man", Steve Maxwell demo'ing the Hindu Squat:

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