Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clearing your driveway... for time!

If you are a PR Fitness Athlete, you better be clearing the snow from your driveway and sidewalk like this...

Not like this...

The training we do at PR Fitness isn't just about delivering fitness and performance, it's about being more fit for every day tasks and physical chores such as shoveling snow from your sidewalk and driveway.

When you wake up to a fresh snow, it's too easy and too common to think, "Oh crap! Now I gotta shovel my way outta here before I can get to work (or whatever)!" It's too easy to view a buried driveway as a nuisance rather than a training opportunity or a chance to do some "real" work. Why would you pass on a chance to engage in something as physical as clearing snow?

Often, tools of convenience, such as snow blowers, remove us from the physical labor that our ancestors had to do just to survive. Rarely do we have to hunt or farm for our food, chop wood to stay warm, or fetch water for the day. Done correctly, shoveling your snow covered sidewalk becomes not only a form of exercise, it can also be relaxing and energizing if you really focus on what you are doing and bring mindfulness to the task. Plus, you have an excuse to be outside and get fresh air and sunshine, something that most of us lack during the winter months.


Ladies - don't let shoveling the snow be something you rely on, or expect, your husband/boyfriend/other male do it for you! Grab a shovel and get crackin'.

Those with exceptionally large driveways: Where I grew up, and my parents still live, the driveway is 1/2 mile long. Shoveling is not a realistic option, duh! So, if you have an exceptionally long driveway, you can keep it real. Just do your sidewalks and a path to the car etc. Feel guilt-free in using a snow blower or snow clearing service for the big stuff. Hey, better yet, call Coach D's husband - he's a professional!

So, park the snow blower, grab a shovel and "whistle while you work". Oh, but before you do, check out the video below...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tick Tock...

The deadline for applying for Project: Bridging the Wellness Gap is midnight tomorrow! If you are on the fence, now is the time to jump. Email your application today and embrace the life you deserve to live. Or, go ahead and procrastinate another 48 hours, let the deadline pass and take a sigh of relief knowing that you have an excuse to not make a life change and to stay in your comfort zone. It's a choice and if you are not ready to pull the trigger and submit your application, you are not ready for the BTWG program. If you are ready, then get crackin' on that essay and send it in before midnight tomorrow.

Click on "how to join", follow the instructions, and get to typing your essay. What are you waiting for?

Email applications to: