Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PR Fitness Success Story

It's that time again, Gang. Another amazing transformation that has taken place at PR Fitness over the course of the last year. Featured this time is Kelly, "K-Dub", who joined PR Fitness last July. In the past year, K-Dub has lost nearly 60 pounds and become amazingly fit, but more important, she has changed her life and the life of her family; David, her husband, joined PR this year and she has become an even better role model for her kids and her community. Oh, and she can easily make multiple 15' rope climbs during a workout! Check out her story below. Want to share your progress and help inspire others? Email me: chris@prfitness.net.

"Going into a gym for the first time is intimidating. Even though PR Fitness is an amazing gym with friendly, encouraging people, it can still be intimidating. There aren’t many other gyms that use sledgehammers, large tractor tires, sandbags, a slosh pipe, 20 and 24” wooden boxes, et
c. as equipment. The athletes at PR can do unassisted pull-ups, climb a 15’ rope, do double-unders and lift incredible amounts of weight. So, yeah, it can be intimidating. That is why I decided to share my story. When I started coming to PR last July, I quickly realized that each person had a story…seemed to be on a “fitness journey ”…and each person had made progress. They were not where they started. I liked hearing these stories because they made me feel better about where I was. Everyone has to start somewhere…

Kelly: July 2010. Her first official workout at PR Fitness...

For me it started in a chair. The salon chair of a good friend, Sunny Salmon, who was cutting my hair. She was telling me about this awesome gym she had been going to and how she loved it. It was different…a “garage gym.” No elliptical machines, no treadmills, and the best part…no mirrors! (Of course, she left out the no air conditioning part!) She was doing things like jumping on 20” boxes, doing various lifts with a barbell, doing pull-ups, etc. She talked about how great the people were, how much stronger she was getting and how it was increasing her confidence. I was intrigued. I enjoyed working out, but had trouble finding a regular routine since we had moved back to Brownsburg 4 years prior. She told me to just try it…the first class was free…AND there was a class that night! I thought to myself, “what do I have to lose?”

As it turns out, I lost a lot. Since late July of last year, I have lost over 55 pounds (exceeding my original goal by 8 pounds). But what I have gained is incredible! I have more energy, more strength, more confidence and better self-esteem. I look forward to my workouts at PR…often checking the website multiple times until the WOD is posted. I have learned how to do all sorts of Olympic lifts, how to do “kipping pull-ups” and, of course, how to do BURPEES! Every workout is new, “fun,” and challenging. The workouts not only exercise my body, but also my mind…my determination…my perseverance. Of course, the weight-loss did not occur only because of PR. I have made changes to my eating habits as well. I focus on eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and very little sugar. My daughter refers to me as a “health-aholic,” and I love it! I fully understand that “exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” (Jack LaLanne)

K-Dub: July 2011. The difference a year can make. What are you waiting for!!!!

Don’t get me wrong…I know I’m not the strongest, fastest, leanest athlete at PR. My goal each time I step into the doors of PR (or anytime I work out) is to do MY best. After all, the “P” in PR stands for personal. Each athlete at PR has their own personal story and their own personal goals. That is what makes PR Fitness a very unique and special place. We support each other and encourage each other on our personal “journeys”…we are a “fitness family.”