Monday, March 29, 2010

PR's From Last Week

  • PR Fitness co-owner, Jeff Porter, improved his "Helen" (CrossFit WOD) time by 90 seconds last week. In addition, he did it with a heavier kettlebell. Last time around, he used a 35# kettlebell, this time around, the 50#. That is a huge improvement, especially considering the 15# increase on the KB. Good job, Jeff!
  • Yours truly had 2 PR's last week. On Monday I improved my Deadlift 1 RM 5#, then on Saturday, had a PR for 10K run. I would like to claim a PR on my 15K time (which was my fastest 15K), however, I can't say it was legit as Joe and I (who I was running with), stopped at the 10K mark to regroup with the rest of our Indy Mini training team. While we were clipping along at a pretty good pace, I had no intentions of setting a PR, which is often how it happens - just putting in a good effort without concern for time. This allows you to relax and flow, rather than getting tense and stressed about going faster or claiming a PR. What I find interesting, from an Exercise Physiologist/Coach perspective, is that these improvements took place at two opposite ends of the physiological spectrum - 1RM and endurance (and at a body weight that is 5# less than last time I did 1RM deadlifts, which typically hurts your 1RM lifts). Generally, it is accepted that in order to gain strength, you sacrifice endurance and vice-versa. To a point, this is true, especially for specialist athletes. However, for the well rounded athlete, who consistently trains all metabolic pathways, you can continue to excel without such sacrifices. If I wanted to be a running specialist or power lifting specialist, then sure, I would have to forfeit certain components of fitness, however, this is the the very reason I've chosen to train in an integrated fashion over the last 13 years, rather than become another "fringe athlete".
Set a PR recently? Let me know!

Be Well,

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Wall Paper?

Train at PR Fitness...

Do a race...

Bring us your bib number and/or medal to display!
A few of Coach Chris' bib numbers on display at PR Fitness.
Let's get the walls plastered with these, shall we?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Feedback and another "PR"

Sherri, reporting on her recent 5K race, setting a PR, and her experience of running in her New Balance 205 racing flats.

"LOVE THE RUNNING SHOES! Decided it was time to give them a little longer workout today to see how my feet fared. I did the Big 10 Hoops 5K downtown and had a pace of 10:16 and a finish time of 31:55 (personal bests and I'm thrilled especially since I really didn't feel like running today). Anyway, I think my finish time is due in part to my feet not being so heavy with those clunky heel-strike shoes...noticeable difference in weight compared to the racers. Is it possible to really love a pair of shoes? I think so."
Good job, Sherri! I have the same shoes and LOOOVE them. If Jody would let me, I would probably sleep in them : )

Thursday, March 4, 2010


After a couple weeks of emphasis on work capacity, durability, stamina and endurance, Thursday night we shifted to a strength focus. It was exciting to see the ability and improvements among our athletes; several PR's we set and new lifts were learned.

I'm always excited when someone can rip through a MetCon WOD lightening fast, yet nothing gets me as excited and inspired as seeing people surpass their perceived abilities and limitations. Strength is King in the fitness world, and often, it is either overlooked, or for many they are fearful of picking up heavy weights. I often wonder if I took the numbers off of the weights and just told our athletes to just pick it up, would they be able to lift more than what they think they can. I know the answer to that is a resounding "yes". I've been in the fitness game long enough to know that 90% of our ability, accomplishment and success is what goes on between our ears, not lifting technique, or anything else.

The past month and a half of being in our new "box" has been the most satisfying and gratifying time I've had as a coach in the last 17 years.

PR Fitness co-owner, Jeff Porter, getting strong under a Push Jerk. No Fear Zone!

Thanks, to all of you for your support and for being a part of the team.

Be Well,