Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vibram Q & A


I went to Rusted Moon and tried on the Vibram's. They did not have the KSOs in my size but I tried on a Sprint, trek, classic and another style. I fell in love with the classics and bought them. I tried them out for 3 5 minute jogs on the treadmill and they felt great! When I got home I looked on their website and they don't recommend the classic for running so I am freaking out a little. Do you think i will be OK to continue using these? I really like them and did not like the velcro on the sprint style. I am really looking for your advice here.



Hi M,

Congrats on getting your VFF's! Either the demand has slowed down a little or you hit Rusted Moon on a "good" day - normally they don't have much of anything in stock : )

The reason the "Classic" isn't recommended for running is 1) they don't have the velcro which can help keep them on and in place/ensure a good fit and 2) they don't have the extra fabric to "Keep Stuff Out (KSO)". Honestly, I have friends that run in the "Classic" and do all their PR Fitness workouts in them with no problems of fit or debris getting in them. Personally, I constantly get stuff in my shoes when I run so the KSO was by far the best option for me. For others it's never a big deal or concern. I would say that as long as you don't have a problem of getting stuff in your shoes while running and if it's a good fit, you are good to go in the Classics. Or, as the saying goes - "if the shoe fits, wear it" : ) Hope this helps.

Vibram Classic - basic and simple as they come...

Coach Chris' Vibram KSO coupled with Injinji socks - a little more to them and also a little more versatility. Picking the "right" Vibram for you all depends on your needs and how you plan to use your VFF's.

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  1. I run in my classics without any problems and love them!!!