Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The Runner in Winter"

As if being sidelined from running with a torn calf wasn't bad enough, I had to go and come across this video which just made it about 100 times worse. Check out this ten minute film featuring elite ultrarunner Anton Krupicka. Tony is very much a minimalist runner with impeccable running form and one of the best ultramarathon runners around.

Anyone else ready for a snowy trail run?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby...

Iced/Snowed in today (and possibly tomorrow)? No excuse to not train. Be creative! Mix in some calisthenics, yoga, and core work. Have stairs? Create a circuit and run stairs between rounds! Finish up with some mobility work.

Here is what Jody and I (and Christian) just did -
5 Rounds of:
  • Hindu Squats X 20
  • Hindu Push Ups X 10
  • Sit Up with Russian Twist X 20
  • Stairs X 3 trips - Christian won each race! If you don't have stairs you could use a jump rope X 50 jumps or do a "Milli Vanilli" and just pretend you are jumping rope.
Cool down with mobility/yoga.

Yes, I was feeling very "ethnic" today. What can I say?

Go slow with all movements, make it challenging and work range of motion/mobility. This isn't a lung searing, puke producing workout, it's meant to be a good full body strength session where your heart rate is elevated and you finish feeling tired, but energized.

Now we are ready to settle in for a night of listening to the ice fall and praying for the electricity to hold up : )

Here is "The Man", Steve Maxwell demo'ing the Hindu Squat: