Friday, March 19, 2010

Feedback and another "PR"

Sherri, reporting on her recent 5K race, setting a PR, and her experience of running in her New Balance 205 racing flats.

"LOVE THE RUNNING SHOES! Decided it was time to give them a little longer workout today to see how my feet fared. I did the Big 10 Hoops 5K downtown and had a pace of 10:16 and a finish time of 31:55 (personal bests and I'm thrilled especially since I really didn't feel like running today). Anyway, I think my finish time is due in part to my feet not being so heavy with those clunky heel-strike shoes...noticeable difference in weight compared to the racers. Is it possible to really love a pair of shoes? I think so."
Good job, Sherri! I have the same shoes and LOOOVE them. If Jody would let me, I would probably sleep in them : )

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