Friday, May 20, 2011

Success Story and another PR

Below is a testimonial from Aimee, who has been consistently training at PR Fitness over the past year. Currently, she attends class 2-3 times per week and trains with Richard once per week. Over the past year, Aimee has made huge gains in her strength, durability, and work capacity. That, along with improved nutritional patterns, has changed her life in many ways AND delivered an almost 40 minute personal record in this years Indy Mini Marathon. Check it out...


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the amazing "home" you've created for me at PR Fitness. This past weekend I ran my 2nd Indianapolis Mini Marathon and walked away in disbelief of my 1:57 finish time - a 36 minute PR! The disbelief came from knowing that I had only gone on a few short runs (6 miles or less) in the months leading up to this event. The strength I've gained from my time training at PR is clearly what carried me though that race. I will always believe that my time might have been better but I had to stop to dry the tears that suddenly streamed down my face at mile 10 with the realization of how strong I really, truly was and that I DID have every tool I needed to finish strong. The tools that were given to me at PR.........not only the physical but emotional.

Aimee, practicing her Windmill's, at PR Fitness.
How many conventionally trained "runners" are doing these?

Not only did I feel great during the race but my recovery after has been remarkable. My body wouldn't argue if I forced it onto the course again this weekend. What a liberating feeling!

When I think back to last year's race it's almost funny. Flashback: I spent the entire winter pounding either the road or treadmill trying to log at least 30 miles each week. Hours spent stretching my IT band and icing all my other aching joints. Lots of $$$$ spent on "traditional" running shoes and energy spent trying to steer clear of the weight machines - I certainly didn't want any extra body weight to run with! I didn't run for one month before race day because I was so beat up and sore; race day wasn't much better. I carb-loaded, laced up my heavy running shoes and ran to finish. It took me over 2.5 hours and I could barely walk to the car when it was over because I hurt like I've never hurt before. My take: I was never running again. I was going to try this crazy PR Fitness stuff my friend was telling me about.

Fast forward to year:
  • Treadmills? No, I've learned that it's best to train outdoors.
  • Mile logging? No. I've learned that less is more.
  • Carb-loading? Uh, no! I finally took your advice and I'll never look back This one is where you get the biggest THANK YOU.
  • IT band "issues"? No. With some coaching on forefoot running and mobility training those problems are non-existent.
  • Big, bulky running shoes? I shudder at that one. The slow transition to minimalist footwear has been life-changing. I would snuggle with my Vibrams or New Balance Minimus every night if I could.
What a difference a year makes! Thank you PR Fitness for making the past year the most life-changing!


Aimee's next personal challenge? The Howl at the Moon 8-hour Ultramarathon in August.

Congratulations to Aimee and all your hard work - it has paid off in more ways than one.

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  1. Aimee you rock!!! What a great example of what hard work, focus and determination can do for you! It's awe inspiring to see how far you've come!! Keep up the good work!
    BTW my calves and hams are still buzzing from another great Stent work out! See you and everyone else on my next visit xoxo

  2. Aimee - that's an incredible testimony - to Chris' methods at PR Fitness and to your hard work! Wow - 36 minutes, better recovery, and no dreadmills. Totally impressed!

    Chris - keep posting these inspirational stories. Maybe the PR Fitness tagline should be, "Follow + Trust = Results!" Just sayin'

  3. Aimee, wow, wow, wow! What a great run you had and what a great story you share with everyone else. You inspire us, truly. xo