Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Personal Training, PR Fitness Style

When you personal train at PR Fitness, you never know what you might be getting into. One thing I can assure you, no one compares to our trainers and no one gets you better results than our trainers!

One day you are getting strong in the gym...

Sherri, personal training client with Richard, strict curling 95#. Who is up for the challenge to top that?

One day you are doing Richards favorite workout, "Dragging the Line"...

On the rails in Lizton, taking a short break for a photo op. I've done this workout with Coach Richard several times. It's one of the best training sessions you will find!

Or, dodging a train while "dragging the line".
No worries. Sherri's training at PR Fitness helped her to possess the skills to jump the rails before the "Last Train to Pittsboro" could get the best of her... : )

Or doing some Old School Strongman Kettlebell work...

Bob, performing the "Two Hand Anyhow".

Get some! Contact Richard for details and to schedule your first session!

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