Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crash and Burn...

"Crash and Burn",
by PR Fitness Coach, Richard Stent

This is a subject that Chris has touched on, and is always aware of, when scheduling the workouts. " Crash and burn".

Look at the long road ahead, with regard to training. If you want to be training as intensely in 50 years, then learn to back off when appropriate. It is not a lack of character when you back off training, but the opposite. You need to know yourself, and how quickly you as an individual can recover, and how hard you can push in the next session. You need to regard yourself as an athlete, and most of the top athletes who are consistent over years, back off when needed. Backing off is sometimes a complete rest, or most often exercising to a point well short of maximum. If you are a hardcore daily trainer, this is essential: Push, relax, push, relax. One of the hardest things to do is to convince a " hardcore specialist" to follow this principle.

The consequences of consistently hammering yourself, without adequate rest ( which includes nutrition ), can be devastating. Chemicals in the brain change over time, and this can creep up on you oh so softly (see the related links below).

Explosive lifts in the gym, along with multiple sets of jumps, and exercises like kipping pull ups, place your joints under huge stress. Something will always give, sooner or later if you lack intelligence in your training or if you ignore the needs of your body when it comes time to back off.
If you have a love affair with training and pushing yourself, then just like the real thing:-D......a whole bunch of common sense is needed.

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