Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yoga for Functional Movement and Performance

Alright, PR Fitness Athletes, time to pony up and git yo butt into the Thursday evening yoga session. I know a few of you are excused due to time commitments and other obligations which make it impossible to attend. For others I know child care might be a challenge (check out Kidz Depot!). Yet, there are some of you who have yet to check out our yoga class because of your "priorities" - as in, "I can only come to class 'X' number of times per week and I want to get my butt kicked in class, not do yoga!" If this is you, I would challenge you to shake things up for 4 weeks and see what happens - forgo one of your regular classes with us and attend Yoga from 6:40-7:40pm. I guarantee you will see improvements in your movement patterns, you will feel better AND you will improve your performance.

My classes are not your typical yoga classes (whatever that might mean), rather, I emphasize postures and movement that enhances joint mobility, improves functional movements patterns, and boosts performance. Often, I break out the foam rollers, tennis balls and other devises of torture and doom for myofacial release, trigger point work, and self massage. What does all that mumbo-jumbo mean? You will move better, be more pain free, squat deeper, and posses the capacity to move your body/limbs through a healthy range of motion. Additionally, you will perform better in your day-to-day activities, get more out of your training sessions, improve athletic performance, and recover quicker after your workouts. Have trouble doing full squats? How about overhead squats? Have sticky shoulders, tight hamstrings or low back pain? Get to class this week! You will be glad you did.

How low can you go? Here, one of my private clients, Bob, demonstrates healthy mobility of the lower body, shoulders, and thoracic spine. The challenge is to stand as close to the wall as you can, extend your arms overhead, assume a full squat position, and then stand back up - all without touching the wall. The goal is to be able to complete this maneuver with your toes in contact with the wall

For those not currently doing the monthly unlimited, let me sweeten the pot to help entice you to come to yoga - from now through the end of September, those who are current members of PR Fitness, i.e. you are paying for at least one class per week, you can attend your first yoga session for free and each additional class will only cost you $5.

Be there!

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